Médaille d'Or 2015 au Concours Général Agricole de Paris

Olive Oil from the Vallée des Baux de Provence P.D.O. - Grand Cru Vert

Extra Virgin – Green Fruit – Product of France

Our “La Lieutenante” Grand Cru Vert olive oil is a pure juice of fresh fruit, extracted cold, mainly in November, from the pulp of our olives.

No sooner picked, no sooner pressed”: the olives, picked when green or when “turning colour”, are crushed solely by mechanical means, without refining and without the slightest additive.

When tasted, the nose reveals intense notes of fresh grass, raw artichoke, and green apple and almond. Our oil is supple and smooth, with a lingering taste and a slightly peppery final note: a perfect balance is struck between flavours and fieriness, for a very flavourful, highly complex green fruit.

It is just perfect for raw or grilled fish, white meats, poultry, raw, braised or steamed vegetables, fresh pasta and goat’s cheeses.

Our 250ml / 8.45fl. oz, 500ml / 16.91fl. oz and 750ml / 25.36fl. ozcans are perfectly opaque for optimal keeping of our olive oil. They are fitted with a particularly functional anti-drip spout and are ready to put on every table!

Olive oil makes a marvellous, original and refined gift in its fine arched packaging, also available in 500ml / 16.91fl. oz can.

The 3L Bag In Box (BIB) is ideal for good keeping of larger volumes of our olive oil. The opaque cardboard provides protection from light and the zipped pocket prevents contact with air, to keep our olive oil under optimal conditions.

A fresh and fiery olive oil!

31,90 € tax incl.

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