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Health benefits

Benefits of our olive oil for your health

Whether raw or cooked, olive oil is a health food par excellence. It resists high temperatures very well, and its beneficial effects on health are not modified when cooked.

In the 1960s, a major public health survey on the different diets in Europe showed that the inhabitants of Crete had the longest life expectancy and were protected from cardiovascular diseases thanks to a healthy diet where olive oil played a preponderant role.

Chemical composition of olive oil:

  • Predominant ingredient: Triclycerides: 90 to 99%

    • Saturated fatty acids: 8 to 25%

    • Monounsaturated acids: 55 to 86% (oleic acid)

    • Polyunsaturated acids: 4 to 22% (linoleic acid)

  • Minor ingredients:

    • Vitamin E: 12 to 430 mg/kg

    • Polyphenols: 50 to 500 mg/kg

Olive oil has the advantage of containing no cholesterol.

Many medical studies have shown the anti-cholesterol and regenerating effect of olive oil: thanks to its rich content of monounsaturated fatty acides and Vitamin E, olive oil “cleanses” and “protects” the arteries and the digestive and biliary system.

Olive oil helps reduce “bad cholesterol” linked to lipoproteins for the benefit of “good cholesterol”. It thus contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis (ageing of the arteries) and atherosclerosis (deposition of atheromatous plaques).

It promotes good digestion by stimulating the biliary function and intestinal transit. Olive oil is the most easily digested of all fatty bodies, it is the fatty body best assimilated by the intestine, and stimulates the absorption of certain vitamins.

Olive oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, considered to be essential fatty acids. It is thus a good source of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 which studies find to be increasingly beneficial in the fight against ageing and diseases linked to ageing, in particular Alzheimer’s.

Owing to its particular composition of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, olive oil is a valuable ally of the skeleton: it promotes bone growth and consolidates bone density by facilitating the mineralisation of the bones. Olive oil is thus the only fatty food which promotes and maintains a good bone density of the vertebrae in adult women.

Being rich in vitamin E, olive oil plays an essential role in the development of the brain and makes an active contribution to the organism’s defences against the ageing of organs and tissues.

Polyphenols are rare substances found essentially in green vegetables and fruits that have an anti-oxidant effect. Their strong presence in olive oil stems directly from its cold extraction as a simple fruit juice, without the refining steps that are usually used for most food oils.

For their part, olives are a good source of calcium and vitamin E. Green olives are picked before they ripen, and have therefore less than half the calories than black olives: 118 kcal/100 g for green olives compared with 293/100 g for black olives.

Benefits of our almonds for your health

A true concentrate of nutrients, the almond is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E. Antioxidant, just as olive oil, the almond is known to fight effectively against bad cholesterol. Combined with a healthy diet, it provides a feeling of fullness and is rich in protein.

A perfect gourmet snack!