Médaille d'Or 2015 au Concours Général Agricole de Paris

Anchovy paste speciality with Green Olives

A natural product, without additives or preservatives - Made in France

Inspired by Provencal traditions, this anchovy paste speciality with green olives is prepared with Picholine olives from our groves in Provence and Mediterranean anchovies.

This speciality is characterised by a smooth texture seasoned by the anchovies, whose salty notes are nonetheless softened by the green olive pulp.

It can be enjoyed on fresh bread or toast, with delicious salads or crispy vegetables. Discover our gourmet recipes...

Ingredients: Treated Picholine olive mash from “La Lieutenante” 57% (olives, salt, citric acid), anchovy cream 38.5% (salted anchovies (fish), olive oil, wine flavoured vinegar), extra virgin olive oil “La Lieutenante”, garlic, lemon juice concentrate.

Preferably to be served fresh

4,60 € tax incl.

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