Médaille d'argent 2011 au Concours Général Agricole de Paris

Olives confectionery

Our table olives: an ancestral know-how

Man has been eating olives for a very long time. Only certain varieties are eaten as what are known as “table” olives. Olives have to be prepared beforehand because, on the tree, they are so bitter as to be inedible. “Confiserie” is precisely the art of preparing table olives. Extensive know-how is brought to bear in order to preserve the finesse of the pulp and the natural fruit taste, each olive variety has its own recipe.

Whilst ripening on the tree, all olive varieties go from green (green olive) to purplish (“turning” olive) and finally black (black olive). Certain varieties are eaten as green olives and others as turning or black.

All our olives bear the label “Olive de France” [Olive of France].

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